The feeling of being grateful is very giving. Both for the people you are grateful to, but certainly also for yourself.

When thinking about who and about what you are grateful, you begin to vibrate positive energy, which will make you feel good.

For that reason you should think about this almost everyday. Just for 5 minutes before you get out of bed in the morning, or before you go to sleep at night. Within a very short time, you will feel your mood rising and you will see how lucky you really are living this life.

I’m betting that you have a lot to be grateful for. I’m pretty sure most of you have two arms and two legs, and have the freedom to move around. And I’m also pretty sure, that you have some family or friends, that you really love, and who loves you. And if not, I know that this world is full of people, who would love to be your friend, and would appreciate to have you in their lives.

You might not see it now, but try to think about it. And I know it will come.

To get you started, I have posted my Gratitude List here, so you can get a little inspiration for you first draft.

Happy appreciation   🙂



A salute to all the people who makes me smile:

My mom and my angel, the one person who has given me truly unconditional love my whole life.

My dad and his wife.

My sister for being crazy.

My family in general. All very sweet people. I’m fortunate to know them.

My beautiful pet friends for giving me so much love and receiving mine.

All my close friends through time. You have made my life funny, interesting, entertaining, serious and incredible.

Kind schoolmates on my different studies through time.

School teachers for giving me a lot of knowledge.

Kind colleagues on my different workplaces through time.

My clients who are always kind and nice people.

People who are not so kind, for showing me what I must remember not to become.

People who extremely kind and loving, for showing me what I must aspire to become.

And all of my great friends on my networks. I treasure you all.


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