On different pages of this blog, you will find a couple of quotes that fits the subject at hand. A collection of “life laws” with one single purpose. To help reach the level of happiness we all dream about. These quotes have been made into wallpapers, and can be downloaded at will.

You can use these wallpapers on your computer, as little reminders to everyday way of thinking, and if you choose to, you can also use them as your screensaver.

To use these wallpapers as your screensaver, simply put all the wallpapers into your photos folder. Then go to your screensaver settings and choose, that your computer must show your photos from your photos folder instead of an installed screensaver.

I can only recommend to use the wallpapers as screensavers as well, as we need to hear things several times, before it is really stuck in our brain.

Using the wallpapers as a screensaver, helps you remember.

Download all wallpapers from this blog here. More wallpapers will be uploaded in time.


Wallpaper quotes; Click to download.


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