Spirituality (def.)


Traditionally, religions have regarded spirituality as an integral part of religious experience. Many still think of spirituality and religion as one and the same. But a declining membership in the organized religions, and the growth of secularism in the western world has broaden the view of spirituality.

Spirituality is characterized by a person who has a spiritual outlook that is more personal, less structured, more open to new ideas / influences, than the organized religions are known to be. One of the key differences is that religion is a type of formal external search, while spirituality is defined as a search within oneself.

You do not need to be religious to be spiritual. Many atheists are spiritual and define “spirituality” as caring thoughts, feelings, words and actions, that are in harmony with a belief, that the entire universe is connected.
According to one poll, approx. 24% of the US population identifies itself as spiritual but not religious.
Those who are spiritual but not religious, generally believe in the existence of many “spiritual paths” in which one advances to achieve a higher state of awareness. They put an emphasis the importance of finding one’s own personal path to spirituality, and the path can contain various experiences or spiritual disciplines (repeating mantras, meditate or pray).

Life is a journey. Every event of life (can also be “tests”) is part of this journey. The journey consists of some significant moments, such as deep spiritual experiences, which are often referred to as teachings. During these experiences, one often meet a teacher, assistant, spiritual preceptor, guru or otherwise, depending on the cultural context.

Spirituality is mentioned to be a process in two phases: the first phase is inner growth, and the second phase is the ability to manifest the result in the world on a daily basis.

Also in science we have begun talking about spiritual subjects. This is in the area of Quantum mechanics, which is a set of scientific principles describing the known behaviour of energy and matter at the atomic and subatomic level. To go deeper into this, you can find lots of information on the internet or in books.



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5 thoughts on “Spirituality (def.)

  1. I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case, great info…I will bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

  2. This is a great site. I was really inspired by the Quote about Problems and Puzzles by Douglas Vermeeren. I have never heard of him before. WHo is he and where can I find out more?

    • Hi Kelly.

      Thanks for your comment.

      I saw Douglas Vermeeren in a movie. Not sure if it was in “The Secret” or in “The Opus”. But he absolutely got my attention, and for that reason I quoted him on some of his statements in the movie.

      Vermeeren is a personal development teacher/motivational speaker. Most are considering him to be the modern day version of Napoleon Hill. He has been considered by some to be among the top speakers of today. His subject of focus is achievement and goal setting. He is often referred to as North America’s Achievement Expert. He is also the producer and creator of the film many people are calling the sequel to the Law of Attraction film The Secret.

      Vermeeren’s teachings differ from many trainers, coaches and authors. While many point at examples that are quite common in todays pop culture of personal development – Vermeeren claims most of his teachings came from a series of over 400 interviews he conducted personally with the some of the world’s most successful people. In this respect he is very similar to Napoleon Hill who conducted approximately the same number of interviews in his day. The major difference between Hill’s interviews and Vermeeren’s is that the later included Celebrities, Artists and Atlhetes in his interviews, while Hill only included business individuals.

      Much of what Vermeeren teaches is unique from most goal coaches of today. He instructs on a formula that includes creating change from the inside out. “It is through becoming,” says Vermeeren, “That we actually can begin to create success that will be long lasting.”

      In a recent publication entitled “The Success Secret No One Else Will Tell You,” Vermeeren shares a principle that has gone often overlooked by most of the teachers of today. That principle is kindness. “It is as essential to building success as any other.” States Vermeeren. While it may seem quite fundamental, it has certainly been overlooked by many in their striving to become #1.

      Vermeeren is also known as the first North American ever to be invited to address the Chinese Political Party leaders on human performance and motivation. Vermeeren continues to address corporate, college and public groups around the world on accelerating their achievement.

      He has been consistently rated one of the top business speakers for corporate audiences. Instilling in them the tools for greater productivity and motivation. His tools are genuinely making a difference.

      Bill Farley former CEO of Fruit of the Loom affirmed, “Doug Vermeeren has the ability to motivate and inspire people to achieve their biggest dreams.”

      Frank Maguire, Former VP of Marketing for KFC, American Airlines and a co-founder in Federal Express noted, “Doug Vermeeren is a man who possesses both vision and enthusiasm. He spreads his message of ‘no limits’ to everyone around him and changes lives forever.”

      And after a visit to her buildings, office manager Lorna Gardner in Toronto Canada shared her thoughts on one of Vermeeren’s trainings as follows: “I have seen the effect that his clear and distinct principles have had in my office – people are actually different and doing wonderful things. we have real measurable results.”

      It seems comments of this nature follow him everywhere he goes.

      While it seems certain that Douglas Vermeeren is destined to leave his mark in the personal development world. It might be more interesting to chart the difference he will make in the many lives he is touching. He surely is a force for extreme good in this world.

      You can find out more about Douglas Vermeeren by going to http://www.DouglasVermeeren.com, http://www.thegoalsettingcoach.com/success/index.php, or by viewing his blog: http://douglasvermeeren.wordpress.com/
      I hope this will give you a good idea, who Douglas Vermeeren is.

  3. I found your post to be helpful, informative and well written. You made some good points. I especially like the way you explain the difference between religion and spirituality.

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