Fear is a basic survival mechanism, that is programmed into our brain for our own protection. This programming make us avoid and escape danger, when we are in a potential dangerous situation. In fact, fear is our friend, but it can be a little too protective sometimes. Warning us of danger’s that are not really there or blow a potential small danger totally out of proportions.

Fear can be an instant reaction, to something presently happening. Like being threatened or by being in some other dangerous situation. But often fear relates to future events. This means that we begin to imagine the worst in a given situation. When we do that too much, we begin to get controlled by fear.

Experiences of fear from a presently happening situation, can remain long after exposure in the unconscious mind. In this case we can experience nightmares or notice, that we change our behaviours in certain situations. And often we are not really aware that a situation is not really dangerous. We just feel fear and believe that our reasoning makes sense. That we are in fact threatened in this situation.

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Other times we have not had any fearful situation, but have been taught by others, that certain things or situations are dangerous. Either because they have told us, or because we have seen other peoples reactions to something they fear.

Some of the most commonly feared objects or situations are spiders, snakes, enclosed spaces, tunnels, bridges, clowns, heights, water, tests, public speaking, driving, flying, failure, success, intimacy, death, rejection, performance, strangers or people in general, social gatherings.

When fear becomes too much, it can develop into a kind of chronic anxiety.
Severe stress can cause anxiety, as our brain reacts the same way to stress as it does to danger.

When we are overly stressed, our bodies are in a state of alert, and does what it can, to avoid the danger that is not there. When I say that the danger is not there, it is because anxiety is more related to situations without any external threat. The alert and thereby the anxiety comes from your mind and body.

Why did I bring up fear?

When fear gets too much, we can end up getting controlled by fear. This has happened to a lot of people, because of our way of thinking, and it often prevents us from living the life we really want to live. For that reason it is very important to release fears, and train the mind and spirit in being calm.

On your way to enlightenment, you will find, that you start experiencing this calm spirit. This is necessary as you need to be able to be open to experiencing the perfect and actually very natural flow you are living in. Once you reach the calm state of mind, and let go of all your fears, you will begin to see, what is really going on around you. How perfect life really is, and how the laws of the universe are here to help you, not to work against you. You will feel a state of being free. Free from suffering such as fear.

I am not saying, that you can not get scared in a dangerous situation and feel the fight or flight. If someone is pointing a gun to your face, off course you will feel threatened and should try to escape that situation. What I am talking about, is the fears that some of us always carries with us. Eg. the fear of not being good enough.

Let’s make one thing clear. You are absolutely good enough, and you deserve love and affection just like everyone else. Never for one second ever doubt that.
You will find, that the more you love and respect your self, the more you love and respect your life, the less fear you will have to endure.

Another reason for letting go of your fears is, that you create what you fear.
What you think about, you attract into your life. So if you consciously or unconsciously use time to think about your fears, you will attract the things you fear into your life. On the other hand, if you have faith that things will be all right, that you don’t need to worry and that things will come in time, this is what will happen. You will see that things do come in time.

I will write an article about The Law of Attraction in the coming future, and post it to this blog.
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5 thoughts on “Fear

  1. What a fantastic article about fear and anxiety Gitte. Thanks a lot for sharing!
    Unfortunately thousands and thousands of people, at all ages, are suffering from anxiety/ panic attacks today. The bad news are, that most of these people are being treated with different anti depressive drugs, with lots of side effects, which at times make things even worse!

    Instead of ” pumping” people with drugs, the Doctors should rather try to find the underlying problems ( via counselling etc.) to WHY they are suffering from Anxiety/panic attacks.

    In my eyes, treating Anxiety with drugs is only a way to “treat” the symptoms, and that way will never help the “patient” on the long run….

  2. Thank you. I’m glad you liked my article. 🙂

    I absolutely agree with your point of view. Drugs does not cure the underlying problem.
    However, in combination with counselling, I do believe the drugs can help. Sometimes people are so involved with their fears, that they cannot see anything else. In this case drugs can help them see beyond the fears for a time.

    What the drugs does, is to calm you down and kill the habits. By that I mean, that they can help you cope with the fears for a time. They simply make you more relaxed and ok, and sometimes even remove the fears all together… for a time.

    Fears comes from our thoughts, except for a very few, that are actually programmed in our minds from nature.
    This means, that our fears are not real, but self imposed. And when we have had them long enough, they become habits.

    With the help of pills, you see how the thoughts are not too logical and can kill the habit. And with the help of the counsellor, you can now work on how to stay in that state of mind without drugs. Find the reason for the reactions and beliefs and make a new programming.

    There are a lot of disagreement in this area. And I do believe, that it differs from person to person.
    People are different, and so should the treatments be. And it is definitely a mistake to “pump” people with drugs.
    It all depends on the individual. What they need to move on.

    Interesting conversation. Thx for mentioning more topics on fear. 🙂

  3. Thanks a lot for your long reply, it really pleased me a lot!

    The topic you have brought up today is certainly one which needs so much more focus! – As you probably know, then the statistics says, that here in Denmark we have about 350.000 persons who are suffering from anxiety/panic attacks, but the reality is that there are many more, unfortunately….

    I’m looking forward to read more from you. Wish you a nice evening!

  4. A very interesting study on fear. Thank you for this. Your article reminds me of a line from Secrets of Heaven: “If you will be a witness to your fear, it will disappear. If you will be a witness to what is true, it will grow. It is this in your experience that will teach you the difference, and you will not have any doubt.” I pulled that from the New Message Wiki if you want to see some other cool passages. http://newmessage.org/wiki

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