Spirituality & Science – DNA Experiments

Can we heal ourselves? Can we affect our environment on a great distance? Can we feel each other’s well being, without seeing or hearing each other?

Through time, many people have said, that they are able to heal themselves or others without the use of tools. Others have reported that they can read emotions in objects like e.g. a watch, and can sense people on a far distance. The general response has usually been, that these people were not telling the truth. But now it has been demonstrated that it actually can be done.

Our world consists of energy. The chair you are probably sitting on right now consists of energy. The air around you is composed of energy. Everything on this earth consists of energy.

A series of experiments have been made on DNA. Some scientists were certain that they would be able to proof, that we can in fact influence this energy. This means, influencing ourselves as well as our surroundings.

Below you can read about 3 very interesting experiments. All 3 experiments goes deeper into the possibilities regarding DNA and Energy.

Experiment 1

(1) …………….(2).

(3) ……………..(4)

Dr. Vladimir Poponin (quantum biologist) did an experiment with DNA. In this experiment a container was completely emptied, except for some energy / photons (particles of light). A vacuum was created inside the container, and the location of these photons were measured. Not surprisingly, the photons were positioned completely random inside the container (1).

Now Dr. Poponin put a DNA string inside the container with photons (2).  What was interesting was, that photons began lining up around the DNA molecule (3). In other words, the physical DNA had an apparent effect on the non-physical photons.

Now, this is pretty interesting since this means, that our DNA has a direct impact on everything that our world consists of. Namely energy. Put in an other way; We have a direct impact on our world.

The DNA string was then removed from the container again. And now we come to the very interesting and unexpected result of the test. After the DNA string were removed, one would assume that the photons went back to random inside the container. But what actually happened was, that the photons remained lined up in the same manner as if the DNA string was still in the container (4). This is quite incredible, because it means we have an impact on our surroundings, even though our DNA is no longer present. This is now called the phantom effect.

We now know that our world consists of energy. We also know that our DNA, our individual code, has a direct impact on this energy. Even though our DNA is removed again.

Today we use only about 25% of our DNA. This means that 75% of our DNA is laying dormant. The % of DNA we can affect our world with is therefore limited.

Researches on the DNA string in relation to our wellbeing shows, that the more negative, stressful and frustrated we are, the more tense, our DNA is and the fewer % of our DNA we use.
If, however, we are positive, relaxed and have inner peace, then our DNA loosens up, becomes relaxed and we use a bigger % of our DNA.
So this means, that the more positive, relaxed and peaceful we are, the greater % of our DNA is active, and the greater impact we have on our environment.
The greater the power we have on our environment, the greater opportunity we have to manifest what we want in this world.

Definitely worth having in mind the next time we choose to become agitated and have negative thoughts.



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10 thoughts on “Spirituality & Science – DNA Experiments

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  2. Very interesting. So if there was a way to energize the other 75% of our DNA would than mean super human abilities? We are always interested in the latest DNA news.

    • If you are still looking for additional information check out Greg Braden’s “Speaking the Lost Language og God.”
      I received this audio cd set as a Christmas gift and have been fascinated by the information presented.
      I am not actively religeous but I was raised in an environment that encouraged spirituality and drew from many eastern and western traditions. I was initially interested because I am a natural sceptic and have been searching for additional info online.

  3. Hello Gitte =) Well the 25% of DNA that you are saying we use is the part that is codifyd for quemical response the other 75% we use indeed but yet are descovering more about it, this 75% is the multidimensional part of DNA this is the part that gives the information to the others 25% this means that we can and do, create our own healthy state and much more, the reason why it was named “garbidge” DNA was that scientists couldn´t find what it was used for for it doesn´t fit the linear concepts, but now it´s name is not “garbidge” anymore for scientists are starting to see something, and how can we “say” wich is hte information we want to give ? Well as the DNA as electromagnetic field we can interact with it through the consciousness that as electrical and magnetic propertys as well =) …. you can read more on this on the Kryon channelings =) http://www.kryon.com thanks =)

  4. hi sudeep here .
    i know one mantra (sound energy) given by my guru chanting the same can activate DNA
    but needs at leave 2 hs daily for that.

  5. its sanskit mantra
    if u want i can put it on youtube but in english its
    “om hreem mama pran deha rom pratirom chaitnya jagraya hreem om namaha”

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