A quick thought

While walking through life, I tend to get a quick thought, on which I build articles or what ever I believe fits the thought.
I will post some of them here:

# 36 – Being happy with what is, will carry you much further, than always struggling with the fact, that things are not, as you think they should be ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 35 – One of the most important abilities we can have, is the ability to forgive. Only when we REALLY FORGIVE, we are truly free spirits, and can live a long and happy life. After all. What is a long life without happiness? ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 34 – You need to be willing to use everything youve got, and do everything you can, to reach your dreams ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 33 – The only limits we have are those we set for ourselves ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 32 – You do not get wisdom, as a result of the events in your life. Wisdom comes, from how you choose to deal with those events ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 31 – Are you aware how lucky you are, even if it doesn’t always feel like it. Embrace life, and it will embrace you. ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 30 – Time is not something you find. It is something you make ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 29 – If most people prefer being rich by heart, then why is it, that most people are working in jobs they don’t like, live with families where they are not happy, and use their time nagging instead of acting? I wonder??? ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 28 – An experience has no worth, if we learn nothing from it ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 27 – Almost anything is possible. But if you don’t believe it, you will never reach it ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 26 – Let go of your negative feelings ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 25 – What you believe, will always be what you get ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 24 – In life we must never settle ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 23 – Live by heart. Not by brain ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 22 – The only one that can walk your path is you ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 21 – It’s not the experience it self that defines us, but how we cope with it ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 20 – The future can seem scary, but it’s really not. Having a future is a privilege ∼ Embrace it, Don’t waste it ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 19 – Feelings are your own creation, and can be released if you choose to ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 18 – Our potential lies in our Compassion ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 17 – Once you realize that you are nothing, you realize that you are everything ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 16 – You have to be in the now, to create your future ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 15 – Give me one good reason from your heart, on why you and I should not to be a Peace Maker!!! ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 14 – Learn to control your mental focus! ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 13 – Stand tall. Your body language helps you acquire good feelings. ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 12 – Make your life your mission. ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 11 – Smile, even if you don’t feel like it. Your body language helps determine your state of mind ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 10 – Sometimes you need to ask your self: Are you really your own best friend? ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 9 – Don’t deny your hurt feelings…. But let them go and find your peace ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 8 – Feelings are not “real”. They are simply reactions to your thoughts ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 7 – Quiet your mind, or it will get in your way ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 6 – ALWAYS stay true to your core ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 5 – Only you can make your life into a masterpiece. ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 4 – Dreams will get you nowhere. Taking action will ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 3 – Take care of you… You create your own Happiness ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 2 – Sticks and Stones can break your Bones, but Words can hurt your Soul. ∼ Gitte Falkenberg

# 1 – Don’t let your past dictate your potential. The future begins today ∼ Gitte Falkenberg



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11 thoughts on “A quick thought

  1. Wonderful words of inspiration, Gitte.
    #20 To me, the future is a gift and my responsibility to give back. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Well. Force is such a big word. What I mean is this.
    It is a real shame, that we sometimes get stuck and loose our courage to go for our dreams. This often happens because we meet some obstacles on our way. But in this case we need to remember, that obstacles are not road stoppers. They are just a line of challenges to make it a little more fun.
    After all. How fun would life be, if we had everything served on a silver plate? 🙂

  3. #29 I think I used the quote before..but ” Success is failure unless fulfilled” – Another Tony Robbins I believe…
    However not everyone is in a position to take risks…and particularly the absurd risks that true entrepreneurs often take.

  4. I can see what you mean. However. Life is a risk. Going out the door is a risk. And still we need to do it, to make things work and to be somewhat happy. The same goes for our dreams.

    I’m not talking about doing something foolish like a sudden quit of your job and travel the world, while hoping that no one will hold you accountable for bills at home. Off course not.

    What I am talking about, is doing something every day, that gets you closer to your dream. It can be something very simple, as putting a couple of dollars in a piggy bank every morning. Or start working on your dream business for one hour every evening, when your kids are sleeping.

    As the Chinese say: A journey of a thousand miles must begin with the first step. And that is very true. The only thing is. Most people don’t take any steps at all. They simply stand still. Such a shame.

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