Why this blog

The day I came back to life

Welcome to my blog.

I have made this blog to tell you, that everyone can find their inner peace. And so can you.

I found my peace, by the help of a series of events. Some experiences that put everything in perspective and made me look in, instead of out.

Experience is not always the kindest of teachers, but it is surely the best. And my meeting with my teacher really moved some mountains for me.

My Story

So there I was. Clumped up in my couch, with my blanket wrapped around me. My husband had just left me 10 min. ago, My business was going bankrupt and I had no place to call my own.
That’s how my summer started the year I met my teacher.

I was devastated and could see no future. My brain was fixed on one thought only. How to leave this place, without causing too much grief for my mom. It took 2 weeks in solitude and a lot of thinking, before I decided that suicide was not an option. It was impossible to leave without pushing my mom into her grave too. She had loved me unconditionally ever since I was born, and it would be a sin to cause her pain. So I finally called her and asked for help to get me through this hell.

I had to start eating again. And my spiritual healing also needed to be nourished.

I still only wanted to die, but as this was not an option, I had to find an other way to get back to life.

This is where my journey began, and I realized what inner strength and happiness REALLY is.

The journey was tough, but the moment when I finally came back, happened in an instant.
One moment I was just a shell, and the next I felt the life force return in such a speed, that it blew me away.

Perhaps you are sitting in the same or a similar situation, and you believe that there is no future. Believe me. There is. Life is waiting for you, and soon you will be just as excited to seize it again, as I am knowing that you WILL succeed.

Through this website, I will try to guide you through this experience. Life is a gift, and if you perceive it as such, no experience can ever again absorb you energy and bring you to your knees. There is a way, and i hope that this blog, will give you some tools that you can lean on.


One thought on “Why this blog

  1. Would it be okay for me to say “I love you!”

    This is being sent from a mobile device.

    My laptop computer is not working and I get clumsy with my words when I have to speak them. There’s something comforting about writing. I feel that the “I” in me disappears when I write and something from deep within myself appears on a screen.

    I wonder if it’s my higher self breaking through the barriers I placed on my true self?

    Michael J

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